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ULI North Texas Regional Leadership Program!


Our region is growing at an astounding rate, and we need leaders who understand both the development process and the regional framework in which our commercial real estate community operates.  The Center for Leadership will provide a series of seven full day sessions led by outstanding professionals in public and private sector roles in the DFW area.  Each day will be packed with practical information to build your career and will also include discussions of issues that are significant to our region’s continued growth and success.


Applications are now available!  Applicants must have at least 7 years of CRE experience and a desire to learn more about our region in a series of seven full-day programs, connect with other class members and regional leaders, and give back through a team project.


For additional information, please email NTregion@ULI.org or our Center for Leadership Chair, Carl Pankratz.  You can also see our program flyer HERE or go directly to our Center for Leadership webpage HERE.



View Application Instructions HERE and APPLY TODAY!

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