Getting Involved

For questions and to learn how to get more involved, please contact Membership Vice Chairs:

Emily Kotulak (Chair)

Derek Buchanan (Co-Chair)


Michaela Wright (Co-Chair)

Getting Involved

New Member Coffee
Starting January 2017 the Young Leaders Group will be hosting a monthly coffee social. New members who have recently joined are strongly encouraged to participate. The goal is to answer any questions you may have about ULI as well as member involvement. Select leaders within ULI will be at each coffee to help answer any questions. This is a great opportunity to gain a deep understanding of ULI and find your path within the organization.

Value Content Events
As the preeminent, multidisciplinary real estate organization in the world, it is the goal of ULI to facilitate the open exchange of ideas, information and experience among local, national and international industry leaders. In conjunction with this mission ULI Young Leaders periodically holds what we call Value Content Events. Similar to the DFW Development Showcase, Value Content Events are informal evening events that provide real time education regarding the latest approaches and practices for all sectors of commercial real estate including (but not limited to) finance, development, brokerage, and investments.

Networking Socials
One of the greatest benefits that this organization offers for its members is the ability to network and socialize with industry peers on a regular basis. Networking socials are informal events that are held periodically at bars or restaurants and allow members the opportunity to meet with each other and discuss the latest events in the commercial real estate sector.

Community Service
In an effort to utilize our time and energy towards the betterment of our community, the ULI Young Leaders hold an annual community service event. In tandem with a local community service provider members are greeted with the opportunity to help underprivileged children and families in need. With the resources and knowledge that our membership base possesses it is imperative that we combine our collective resources to reach out and lending a helping hand to those less fortunate. There are no prerequisites needed so all that members need to do is show up and have a smile and a happy heart.