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How much is ULI an “issue” organization, as opposed to general education and networking group?

ULI’s strength and enduring character is as a general education and networking group. However at any time, it may concentrate efforts on one or more issues in the key focus areas: Environmental Sustainability, Mixed Use/Mixed Income, Transportation, and the Financial Market Place.

How much are developers the core group, vs. everyone concerned with land use (which at some level is just about everyone)?

ULI is a group focused on land and real estate development, with a central focus on developers and those directly serving the development industry.

ULI North Texas Membership – Are we receptive to state wide membership initiatives that allow other areas in the State to participate in ULI North Texas?

Yes, ULI North Texas welcomes leadership and participation from people in the other areas in the State that can inform and advance effective land use planning consistent with our vision, values and key focus areas.

How do I figure out all the benefits of ULI Membership and how to know what is available on line through the web page?

ULI National has a “My ULI” presentation that is available to anyone who would like an overview of the organization and to learn how to maximize membership benefits.


How do I get involved?
Call or e-mail the District Council Chair or Coordinator to get advice on how best to get involved:
John Brownlee, ULI North Texas Chair, (469) 232-1935

Pamela Stein, ULI North Texas Executive Director, (214) 269-1874