Center for Leadership

• Engage with top speakers from every facet
of land-use in a small group environment

• Collaborate with real estate professionals
in problem solving

• Improve your ability to interface with
like-minded professionals

• Gain insights and leadership skills

ULI North Texas Center for Leadership
Chair, Carl Pankratz

Center for Leadership




March 22 @ The Irving Convention Center

(includes exclusive tours of both the Pioneer Natural Resources Headquarters and the Verizon Renovation in Irving)


ULI North Texas Center for Leadership is designed to help build tomorrow’s community leaders who are dedicated to the ULI mission of  responsible land-use and  creating and sustaining thriving communities.
Our region is growing at an astounding rate, and we need leaders who understand both the development process and the regional framework in which our commercial real estate community operates.  The Center for Leadership will provide a series of seven full day sessions led by outstanding professionals in public and private sector roles in the DFW area.  Each day will be packed with practical information to build your career and will also include discussions of issues that are significant to our region’s continued growth and success. 


 Please join ULI in welcoming the ULI North Texas Center for Leadership Class of 2018:


 John Brookby|DFW Airport, Ryan Davis | Witten Advisors, Jorden Dial | Joeris General Contractors, Casey Dunn |L.A. Fuess Partners, Eric Elrod | Hillwood Properties, Tyler Faubion | Bank of America, Alexander Goldberg | Page, Daniel Hatten | Ashlar Development, Shane Hesters | Jordan Foster Construction, Tyler Johnson | Husch Blackwell, Robert Koop | RTI Community Management Associates, Inc. Meaghan Kroener-Janson | Streetlights Residential, Kevin Mackey | TIG Real Estate Services, Brent Miller | Wynne-Jackson, Sean Morgan |Moran & Company,  Christopher Murphy | HFF, Brandon Palanker | Gateway Planning Development, Jim Patterson | Southwest Bank, Jonathan Ragsdale | Peloton Land Solutions, Drew Slone | Winstead PC, Mark Valudos | JLL, Sam Van Amburgh | Westdale Real Estate Investment & Management, JJ Williams | Prescient, Rachel Wilson | Watson Law Group, Lin Yuan | Henry S. Miller Brokerage, LLC


What class participants gain?

The North Texas Center for Leadership will offer class members an inside look at various market sectors, broadening their perspectives on current issues and opportunities that are prevalent to the North Texas Region. 



What is involved in a Center for Leadership Program Day: Presentations, Panel Discussions, Property Tours, Small Group Activites, Project Analyses


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North Texas CFL Program Days: September 2017 – April 2018
Day 1:  September 21, 2017:  DFW in Context. Program Day Overview
Day 2: October 19, 2017Regional Development Influences. Program Day Overview
Day 3: November 9, 2017:  Financing , Competitive Realities, Capital Markets. Program Day Overview
Day 4: January 18, 2018Community Building & Public Policy. Program Day Overview
Day 5: February 15, 2018Economic Development. Program Day Overview Program Day Speaker Bios
Day 6: March 22, 2018:  Design & Construction. Program Day Overview
Day 7: May 10, 2018:  Graduation



Sponsorship Opportunities Available! 

Please email for information.




1. Experienced Professional: Those poised to assume leadership positions in the North Texas Region or their profession in the near-term.


2. Education: Undergraduate degree or higher degree.


 3. Work Experience: Minimum of 7 years experience in the real estate industry or related field, including development, architecture, planning, law, construction, government, transportation, engineering, finance, sustainability, and non-profits.


 4. Commitment:  The Center for Leadership requires a significant time commitment. It is an eight-month program with seven full-day seminars and a group project. If accepted to this prestigious and competitive program, you are pledging in good faith to be fully-engaged and involved. Attendance at BOTH the FIRST program day in September and the LAST program day (Graduation in April) is mandatory, and one excused absence during the other months is permitted.