Local Product Councils

For more information, please contact:
Dana Walters, Counselor to Local Product Councils

ULI North Texas 8 Local Product Councils Include
1. Community Development Council
2. Commercial/Retail Council
3. Health, Wellness, & Life Sciences Council
4. Hotel Development Council
5. Industrial/Office Council
6. Multi-Family Council
7. Transit Oriented Development Council
8. Mixed Use Council

Local Product Councils

What is a Local Product Council?

A Local Product Council is a group of ULI Members who are focused on a particular sector of the commercial real estate industry, such as the Multifamily Council (MFC) or the Industrial Office Product Council (IOPC) who meet to exchange ideas, examine trends, and explore collaborative solutions to shared concerns.  The Local Councils are modeled on ULI’s highly successful National Product Councils which are open to Full members only, but Local Councils are open to Associate or Full ULI Members.

Local Product Council Mission

The mission of the Urban Land Institute is to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide.

 Local Product Councils help to serve the ULI mission by:

  • Bringing together a diverse network of local leaders from across the fields of real estate and land use policy to exchange best practices and serve community needs;
  • Fostering collaboration within and beyond ULI’s membership through education, dialogue, and creative problem solving to address current and future challenges
  • Exploring issues of urbanization, conservation, land use, capital formation, new technological advances and sustainable development;
  • Advancing land use policies and design practices that respect the interrelationships and uniqueness of the built and natural environments

Local Product Council Operating Guidelines

All Local Product Councils must have at least two Full Members to guide the initial creation of the Product Council and assure the on-going quality of its programs. It is strongly recommended that the Council Chair be a Full Member.

All Local Product Councils must have at least 10 members. The maximum number of members in a Product Council is 45 but a Council may set a lower number as its desired size.

The Local Product Council membership application process is open to all ULI North Texas members at any membership level, provided they are current in the payment of their annual ULI.

All councils should have a Chair and at least one Co-chair.  This team will evaluate candidates based on their qualifications for the council.  Factors to be evaluated include:

  • Current employment and seniority/expertise in the product type.
  • Employment sector (developer, service provider, public, etc.) in relation to existing Council membership.  National Product Councils have a target of at least 50% developers/REITs/owners.  While we are not held to any specific number locally, we want to make the councils attractive for developer participation.
  • Ability to contribute value to the council. All members should be able to attend regularly, participate in discussions and, ideally, have projects that could be used as case studies or contribute other program material.

Local Product Councils must meet at least four times per year. Programs should consist of presentations, discussions, case studies, tours or other events that provide material value to the Product Council members.

Local Product Councils should annually prepare and present one program that is open to the ULI North Texas membership and that has been approved by the ULI NT Programs Committee.

A member may be dismissed by the Chair for more than one absence in three consecutive absences

All requests for guests must be approved by the chair.  A maximum of 5 guests per meeting is recommended.  All guests will be asked to pay $25.00 in advance of the meeting. No one should attend as a guest more than once.  Chairs have discretion to vary from these attendance guidelines.

All Local Product Council members must pay a participation fee to ULI North Texas annually. This fee is in addition to ULI membership dues. The first payment is due upon admission to a Product Council (and may be discounted for persons joining after the midpoint of the year). The Leadership of each Council will establish its fee annually based on its planned activities, however the participation fee for Public Sector and Young Leader members will not be more than $100.

All Local Product Council members acknowledge and agree that all information shared in the Product Council meeting is confidential and is for the education of Council members only.

ULI Members interested in joining a ULI North Texas Local Product Council should complete an application form TODAY!  Please send completed applications to ulintx@uli.org.  ULI North Texas Staff will direct applications to the appropriate LPC and notify you of your application status within 14 days of submission.