Technical Advisory Panels (TAPs)

Technical Assistance Panels (TAPs) provide expert, multidisciplinary advice to local governments, public agencies and nonprofit organizations facing complex land use and real estate issues in the North Texas area. Drawing from our seasoned professional membership base, ULI North Texas offers objective and responsible guidance on a variety of land use and real estate issues ranging from site-specific projects to public policy questions.
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Pamela Stein

Technical Advisory Panels (TAPs)

ULI NT Fort Worth Vickery TAP Report 

Our TAP Committee conducted its first local panel in late August, 2014 in Fort Worth.  The completed report was released at the TOD Summit on October 29.

As a ULI member, you hold true the mission statement to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities. As a member of the TAP committee, you get the opportunity to use your experience and professionalism to advance the mission while working to assist our local communities and non-profits with their land use issues. Diverse backgrounds are needed to market, inform and educate the public of this service that is available to them.

Once a project has been designated as a TAP project, ULI’s North Texas District Council will assemble a group of volunteers with the appropriate project-related expertise to assist in forming solutions to the sponsoring organization’s particular issues or problems. The sponsoring organization will be responsible for gathering the background information that is necessary to understand the project, and will present it to the group. The sponsoring organization will also provide staff support for the meeting, and for any follow-up report or presentation. Depending on the intensity of the TAP project, TAP volunteers will spend up to two full days developing and understanding the problem, developing recommendations, and debriefing the sponsoring organization.

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