Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI)

For more information, please contact:
Rachel Dillard, WLI Chair

Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI)


The goal of the ULI Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) is to raise the visibility and participation of women in ULI and ultimately in the real estate profession.

We invite all women of ULI North Texas to join in, participate and connect with fellow women ULI members via the WLI.


Open to all (men and women). Sponsored by the Women’s Leadership Initiative.

The Ambassador Program seeks to welcome all new members and engage existing members looking to increase their involvement in ULI by matching participants with an experienced ULI member to show them the ropes. Once you’ve been matched, your ambassador will take you out for a cup of coffee to explain the inner workings of ULI, how you can get involved and the different ULI North Texas programs and activities you might be interested in. Then, your ambassador will attend three upcoming events with you and introduce you to other ULI North Texas members so that you can start building your own ULI North Texas network.


The Women’s Leadership Initiative is pleased to sponsor CoffeeConnect, a unique way to further the WLI’s mission of raising the visibility of women in the real estate industry by connecting us and putting us in a position to help one another.

Here’s how it works: When you register with CoffeeConnect, you will receive an email on or around the 1st of each month containing the contact information of another female member of ULI North Texas who has joined CoffeeConnect, selected at random. Sometime during the month, you and the other CoffeeConnect member will contact each other to meet for a cup of coffee, a quick lunch, or if you are busy that month, a quick phone call or Skype or FaceTime meeting – how much time you want to put into to it in any given month is up to you and your CoffeeConnect match.

Our goal is for every female ULI member in North Texas to sign up. The time commitment is minimal and up to you; the opportunities that can arise are unlimited. To sign-up, go to http://bit.ly/WLICoffeeConnect.


WLI 101 sessions are essentially brown bag lunches, only held in the evening while enjoying wine and cheese and small-scale networking. Four times a year, we gather a small group of women for an informal learning opportunity led by a senior ULI member. The topics vary, and range from Real Estate Finance 101 to Architecture and Design 101 to Capital Markets 101. The idea behind the WLI 101 series is to give women not directly involved in particular aspect of real estate enough of a working knowledge of it to understand how it fits into what they are doing. We are always actively soliciting topics that WLI members might be interested in learning about. If you have thoughts or suggestions, or would like to lead a 101 session in your area of expertise, contact Janet Protas, janet.protas@dallascityhall.com.


To further our mission of promoting the visibility of women in ULI, the WLI has established a database of women with great speaking skills and subject matter expertise to serve as speakers or moderators for ULI North programs. If you’d like to be in our database, please contact Melissa Eastman (meastman@stewart.com) or Dana Walters (dwalters@stewart.com) and let them know your area of expertise.


Enough of the serious stuff. We know how to have a good time, too. Each fall, the WLI holds a networking reception at a really interesting venue, to give us the opportunity to meet each other and see how we can connect and collaborate.

We look forward to having you participate in the WLI.

Rachel Dillard