YLG Membership Committee

For questions and to learn how to get more involved, please contact our Membership Leadership:

Michaela Gunter (Chair)

Derek Buchanan (Co-Chair)

Jason Lehigh (Co-Chair)


Lauren Nuffer (Co-Chair)

YLG Membership Committee


Getting involved with YLG


These committee leaders and members are responsible for coordinating and leading membership events, and are your go-to for membership questions, information and new-member connections. Their mission is to ensure our North Texas YLG get the most out of their membership.

If you are new and would like to learn more about ULI and YLG, or would like to volunteer with this committee: please be sure to contact one of our leaders above! 


YLG Membership Events


  • Networking Coffee: Held in each region (Dallas and Fort Worth) quarterly, these YLG member exclusive events enable you to grow your ULI peer network in an informal and relaxed setting. Led by our Membership Leadership, they are a great way to connect and learn about ULI with complimentary coffee and a light breakfast.


  • Happy Hours: Held twice a year, our Happy Hours are just that- a chance to network while you unwind in the afternoon in a fun location with both members and non-members. These events are a perfect way to introduce a work colleague to ULI and fellow YLG!


  • Fundraising Happy Hour for Building Industry Leaders: Coordinated with our Building Industry Leader chairs, this late summer happy hour is priced to raise scholarship funds for our homegrown community initiative: Building Industry Leaders. In partnership with the Boys and Girls Club, our completely YLG led program allows volunteers to use their real estate industry expertise and passion to mentor underprivileged youth, and teach future job skills that can be missed in traditional schools. This event is open to everyone, and is a great way to simultaneously give back, and connect with our ULINT leadership and your fellow members.