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Jack Simone (Co-Chair)

Partnership Forum


2017-2018 Applications are NOW OPEN.

Please apply by filling out the application located here, or on the side bar button. Once completed, email to Jack Simone at or Vince Tam at



The purpose of a partnership forum is to provide an ongoing opportunity to share and discuss with a group of peers the issues that real estate professionals face. The chance to learn in an atmosphere of confidentiality, trust, and respect is invaluable. Sharing many of the same characteristics as a ULI Product Council, the ULI Partnership Forum is compatible with the tradition of ULI’s culture of sharing mistakes made, lessons learned. As in any group, the more one puts into an activity, the greater the return from that experience. The Partnership Forum benefits the participants, the moderators, and the YLG as well as the District Councils and the Institute. Some of the best reasons to have a Partnership Forum include:

  • A confidential, trusting environment for educational and idea exchange.
  • Exploration of business and personal interests/issues.
  • Business and personal networking.
  • Development of people skills.
  • Professional and personal growth.


Participant – Forum participants have an opportunity to grow both professionally and personally by learning from others’ perspectives, whether by working through a current business problem or resolving a career or personal issue. In turn, by listening to peers and supporting them in the resolution of their problems, the participant has an opportunity to contribute to the group. You also will increase your self-knowledge. A more obvious benefit of forum participation is gaining exposure to others’ business and career histories. As none of the forum members have a vested interest in the others’ companies, they can be frank and open in expressing their views.

Moderator – The Partnership Forum is an efficient, yet satisfying mentoring opportunity.  Meeting as little as four times during the year, the moderator can manage the time commitment, personally connect with eight to ten young professionals, and gain the satisfaction of bringing the ULI experience to those new to the field. By requiring moderators to have ULI Product Council experience, orientation and training requirements have been minimized. Moderators intuitively understand the ULI culture and bring that experience to the Partnership Forum.

Roles and Responsibilities

Participant – Must be a current ULI member and under 35 years of age; be willing to meet at least four times a year; and adhere to group norms, such as confidentiality requirements. Participants should practice ULI behavior by sharing mistakes made, lessons learned. Participants should both listen and coach. This is a minimum one-year term.

Moderator – Must be a current ULI member and have a minimum of three years of experience as a ULI Product Council member; be willing to meet at least four times a year; and provide coordination of group. The moderator should help keep meetings on track and focused.  Most important, the moderator models appropriate ULI behavior, enforces confidentiality requirements, and gets everyone to participate. This is a minimum one-year term.

 2016-2017 Class List
Robert Callaway, Invitation Homes
Jack Cantele, Holliday Fenoglio Fowler
Justin Christ, Kimley-Horn & Associates
Courtney Davidson, Jacobs Engineering
Michael Friebele, CallisonRTKL
Shay Geach, Kimley-Horn & Associates
Mac Helms, Crestwood Equity Partners
Venus Jones, Texas Realtor
Emily Kotulak, LandDesign
W. Wyatt Maxwell, Perkins Coie
Ellie Miles Couch, Portfolio Resident Services
Brian Myers, CBRE Group
Laura Oslick, Century Bridge Capital
Kendall Ranjbaran, Fargo
Kathy Riley, Land Design
Topper Sheehy, Granite Properties
Jack Simone, Phoenix Property Company
Daniel Smith. Ojala Holdings LLC
Vince Tam, HKS Inc

2017-partnership-forum-participant-application2017 Partnership Forum Application