Vision North Texas

Vision North Texas

Phase 1 of Vision North Texas when the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) Executive endorsed a proposal by ULI North Texas to conduct a one-day workshop to increase public awareness about regional land use issues. The first Vision North Texas workshop was held on April 25, 2005, at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Now in Phase 2, Vision North Texas continues as a public-private partnership among NCTCOG, the Urban Land Institute, UTA and others to undertake four major initiatives during the 2006-07 fiscal year. These initiatives address: education and outreach; involvement; research into development excellence best practices; and policy decisions. Activities planned for 2007 include two subregional workshops and mayor’s forums.

Vision North Texas is modeled on successful regional visioning initiatives from other rapidly-growing metropolitan areas, including a ULI Los Angeles program called “Reality Check on Growth”.

Comments by Fernando Costa AICP, Chair, Vision North Texas Management Committee

“We’re pleased with the progress that Vision North Texas has made within a relatively short period of time. Just two years ago, a group of forward-thinking people formed ULI North Texas and decided to play an important role in educating developers, public officials, and community leaders about regional land use issues. Drawing from the experiences of other ULI district councils, ULI North Texas established a partnership with the North Central Texas Council of Governments, the University of Texas at Arlington, and other interested organizations to sponsor a regional visioning workshop in April of 2005. That workshop exceeded all of our expectations in the consensus that emerged to promote various smart growth principles through a continued public/private partnership. With financial support from ULI, the region’s local governments, and other sources, we’ve now launched the next phase of Vision North Texas, which will focus upon education, public involvement, research, and policy direction. We’ve begun to make a real difference in the resolution of regional land use issues, and we invite more ULI members to join us in this effort.”

Vision North Texas Facts & Figures

  • 16: Counties in the North Texas region, an area as large as the state of Vermont
  • 2.3 million: Number of additional jobs expected in this region between 2000 and 2030
  • 4.1 million: Number of additional residents expected in this region between 2000 and 2030
  • 19: Number of ‘scenarios’ for accommodating regional growth that have been considered as part of Vision North Texas
  • $15.6 billion: Financial savings to meet the transportation needs of an alternative regional growth pattern (compared to the cost if development follows the pattern currently forecast)
  • 9: Rank of the North Texas region among U.S. metropolitan areas, in terms of population size
  • 264,532 units: Projected market demand for transit-oriented housing in North Texas by 2025
  • 3.5 square miles: Approximate size of University Park; also the area that would not need to be paved for major roadways under alternative regional growth patterns
  • 95: Percent of Vision North Texas workshop participants who thought it was ‘essential’ or ‘important’ for the region to support revitalization of existing downtowns and neighborhoods

For further information about Vision North Texas, please visit contact Fernando Costa, chair of ULI’s Regional Visioning Committee, at 817-392-8042 or